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Andrei Rosu is a seemingly normal romanian guy with a very inspiring story. In the span of just a couple of years he went from a typical corporate couch potato to a Guinness record holder for running 7 marathons on seven continents, finished some of the world's toughest running and endurance competitions.

The problem

At the start of his journey, Andrei launched a blog that documented his experiences, goals and the small changes he made to achieve them. As the popularity of the blog grew, so did Andrei's achievements until one day he decided to take the leap full-time. He left his coporate job and became a full-time independent motivational speaker and sports event manager. This major step meant he needed a new online presence to promote his speaking engagements and other projects.

The goal

We identified the following goals for the new redesigned website:

Website Goals

  • promote speaking engagements and projects
  • present Andrei and his journey as honestly and clearly as possible
  • stay true to the blogging beginnings and not alienate existing audience


To better understand what works and what doesn't in this field, I researched the websites of amateur athletes with similar inspiring stories and also the online presence of successful motivational speakers. From this research, we decided the best way to promote our website goals is to present our message honestly, without any bombastic declarations and try to create a strong personal connection between our audience and Andrei.

Various websites used for inspiration

User Profiles / Personas

We also started to better define our target user groups, what goals they need to accomplish on the new website and what features would make those goals easier to achieve.

User Group: Amateur Athletes

They want to stay fit or get back in shape after a long period of inactivity. Most are based in large cities, have a demanding job and are considering exercising or running seriously for the first time.

Needs and goals:

  • info about managing life balance
  • tips about equipment, techniques
  • inspiration to keep going
  • knowledge events or programs they can participate in

Pain points:

  • lack of time
  • lack of knowledge about running specifics

User Group: Event planners

They are in charge of organising corporate or social events and need a speaker for their event.

Needs and goals:

  • find an engaging motivational speaker for their event

Pain points:

  • unknown success of event
  • lack of information to ease decision making


After clarifying the user goals, it was time to move on to the design stage.

The home page presents Andrei's current projects, as well as a large CTA section for his new speaking business. Other action areas are designed to capture email leads by offering a free ebook product.

The inner pages page include testimonials, videos and several CTAs spaced out at strategic intervals to increase conversion.

Home page.

Color Scheme

The color scheme uses strong colors on a white background. "Rosu", Andrei's last name means red in romanian so it made perfect sense that it's the main primary color. The red and green colors used are very saturated and active and are inspired by the typical hues found in running and sporting equipment.


For the typographic treatment, I selected a modern sans-serif that was used at different weights throughout the website. The contrast of thick and thin was used to convey action in headlines


The website was built on a Wordpress backend, heavily customised to make posting new content just a matter of minutes. It's also built on a custom responsive Bootstrap framework.

Final Thoughts

Because the two main user groups have very different goals on Andrei's website, it was quite a struggle to find the right balance between prioritising newer content sections that promote Andrei's new business and making sure older users don't feel left out. It took several wireframing rounds to get it right, but I'm happy to report that old users are very happy with the redesign and the website has successfuly created valuable leads for Andrei's new business.

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