cfait canada

design / code


Cfait is a canadian startup that connects people who are too busy or just need an extra hand in completing their daily tasks, with people who are in the area and willing to help out.

The problem

Since the service will facilitate connections between people who haven’t met before, and some of them will have to gain access to other people’s homes, building trust between different parties involved was one of the main concerns.

The goal

We identified the following goals for the new website:

Website Goals

  • Build user trust
  • Create easy to use interface
  • Translate high-density pages into mobile friendly screens


To create a clear definition of what we needed to build, we did a market research of other similar organisations and built a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in this particular sector.

Various websites we used for inspiration

Visual Design

Color Scheme

The logo was designed beforehand and we had to work with it, but we had some flexibilty to tweak the blue hues a bit to get an overall more harmonious look.


We used a friendly sans-serif in different weights to give an warm and inviting voice to the website.

Final Outcome

Below is the final result of the design process.

The homepage.

Final Thoughts

The Cfait team turned out to be very competent and quite sure of what the final result needed to work like. We worked closely together for several months, working on prototypes, forms and refining interactions.

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