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OTG is a travel agency based in Guatemala. They offer various daily or personalized tours in Guatemala, Belize and Antigua and also help out tourists find local accommodation and transport. I was contacted to help update their existing website (which I also designed).

The problem

Their existing website was build in 2007, back when flash was a hot new thing. The mostly flash homepage was now hurting the SEO rankings, didn’t work on mobile devices, was difficult to update and posed a high security risk for visitors. The backend was built using WolfCMS, a small CMS that has since failed to gain traction, was hard to keep up to date and didn’t allow easy posting of new articles, something that the owner wanted to do to promote the area and their services better.

old website The old, flash based website.

The goal

We identified the following goals for the new redesigned website:

Website Goals

  • Improve Google search results ranking
  • Provide a mobile friendly experience to visitors
  • Allow easy posting of new articles and sharing to social media
  • Create a fun, safe and family-friendly feel to reassure potential travellers of the team’s professionalism (since Guatemala is not necessarily viewed as a safe country)
  • Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with the agency by providing various contact methods (social media, online contact form, skype)


To create a clear definition of what we needed to build, we did a market research of other similar organisations and built a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in this particular sector.

research Main competitor websites

User Profiles / Personas

We also started to better define our target user groups, what goals they need to accomplish on the new website and what features would make those goals easier to achieve.

User Group: Tourists

People from all over the world who would like to discover Guatemala in a safe and friendly environment.

Needs and goals:

  • visit remote beautiful world destination
  • genuine interaction with different cultures

Pain points:

  • safety of environment
  • professionalism of organizers

Visual Design

After clarifying the user goals, it was time to move on to the design stage.

Color Scheme

The color scheme was designed to echo the vibrant beautiful setting and rich history of Guatemala and nearby locations.



The font family chosen is a modern sans-serif with open round letters that give the copy a nice, welcoming feeling (the typeface name "Lato" means "Summer" in Polish, the font designers' home country).



A mix of nature scenes, cityscapes and native people was used to fully imerse the visitor in the Guatemala experience.


Final Outcome

Below is the final result of the design process.

homepage The homepage. inner page Inner page.


The website was built on a Wordpress backend, heavily customized for increased ease of use by the non-technical members of the team. It's also built on a custom responsive framework based on Bootstrap.

Final Thoughts

It was tons of fun using textures again, contrasting the current "flat flat flat" design esthetic. I think this kind of project proves that (subtle) use of texture can still be used to great effect on modern, responsive websites.

See website live.

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